Inspection Checklists End of Tenancy Cleaning Cleaners London

End of tenancy cleaning services makes sure that your property is in the best condition according to the checklist at the time of inspection. In other cases, the landlord may hold your security deposit until all the premises condition matches the inventory, hence the end of tenancy cleaners London are most important to complete this task efficiently.

Here in this article, we are going to make the checklist from room to room. 


Cleaning the kitchen is the most challenging task, as it is the most used part of the home daily. You will need to have the best tools to clean the kitchen. Do not forget to descale the taps and sinks. Properly remove the limescale from the sink.

Start cleaning from shelves and counters. Clean all areas that are in contact with the food, such as refrigerators. 

Keep in mind that remove all the marks on the shelves, walls, and fridge doors. If there is any difficult stain, then must contact the end of tenancy cleaners London for help. 

Kitchen checklist:

  • Tiles cleaning
  • Handles of windows, doors, and their holders
  • Clear all the bins
  • Mop the floor properly
  • Clean oven, stove, and microwave by proper scrubbing
  • Remove all the dirt, dust, and cupboards
  • Descale all the metal accessories like sink, tabs


Bedrooms must be clean and dirt free. Start cleaning from the top and clear all the appliances. Thoroughly clean all the premises and make sure that everything is placed in order.


  • Clean cobwebs and dirt
  • Dust all the bedroom furniture 
  • Clean all the doors and handles of doors, windows, and light fixtures

Hallway and staircase

It is the first area when you enter the property—Remove all the dust and dirt from the hallways and staircase. Ensure that there is no cobweb on the roofs. Use vacuum cleaning on floors and mop hard floors. Make sure that it is the last area which you have to clean. 


  • Remove cobwebs and dust properly
  • Vacuum clean the floor
  • Clean all the light fixture and replace any damaged bulbs
  • Handles of doors, windows must be clean
  • The hard wooden floor must be mop properly


The bathroom is an important part at the time of inspection for end of tenancy cleaning. Bathroom cleaning is essential to clean and must bleach inside and out of the toilet. It is necessary to clean all the materials and unclog all the taps, showerheads, and sinks.

Properly wipe all the glass surfaces, mirrors, and soap holders. 


  • Disinfect toilets and wash 
  • Descale all the taps, sink, and showerhead
  • Fittings and tabs of lights must be cleaned
  • Polish and wash the floors and glass screens
  • Clean all the windows and doors


Loung is the central part of the house and has a major portion of the furniture. All the curtains, furniture, and windows must be cleaned by vacuum or steam cleaning. The inspection team has the main focus on the living room, as it is the most usable portion of the property.


  • All the cobwebs must be clear and clean the roofs properly
  • Clean windows doors and their handles
  • Clean all the cupboards, furniture, mirror, and all other appliances
  • Clean all the floors
  • Clean all the electronic appliances like TV, heater and DVD player

As you can see this is an extensive cleaning checklist which needs to be performed by professionals so that you can get your deposit back. End of Tenancy Cleaners London is one of the best solutions for your cleaning needs when it comes down to an end of tenancy cleaning. We would advise you to hire professionals instead of doing the work yourself.

Laptops popularity has increased dramatically

Laptop computers likewise match company or school requirements due to the fact that they have simple accessable ports and low power requirements. You can fix your laptop computer system when it has issues however it will need more work concerning its repair work and security.

Typical laptop computer systems’ elements consist of the motherboard, CPU, graphic board, and difficult disk drive. You will discover that the typical laptop computer is more pricey than a desktop computer system due to the fact that it cost more to produce.

Speaking of prices, there are 3 significant aspects that impact the cost tag of laptop computer systems. The majority of lighter and thinner laptop computer systems likewise cost greater costs.

Individuals with a restricted budget plan will be able to buy an inexpensive range of laptop computer called netbooks. This low-cost laptop computer functions little memory, runs sluggish, has little storage, and a little screen.

If your computing option falls to a laptop computer system, you may think about the available and portable ports laptop computer. The low power and area requirements make the laptop computer energy hassle-free and effective while achieving jobs. The more substantial advantage is that a ports laptop computer has total computing performance that makes it much easier to utilize.

Apart from the benefits above, laptop computer systems have some drawbacks. Laptop computers are hard to fix, update memory, or customize since of their unique style.

Unlike the desktop that permits limitless possible setups, laptop are restricted to being set up to the settings offered by the laptop computer maker. In some notebook computer, aftermarket software application setup is incompatible with laptop computer hardware. An effort to set up a various operating system that is incompatible with the laptop computer might trigger hardware failures.

When utilizing a laptop computer you need to think about the security of your information or files. You might wish to think about unique functions like thumbprint recognition locks, increased file encryption and remote security functions. When you are away from house, a lot of laptop computer systems are currently geared up with these security includes to assist you secure your information.

Laptops are great alternative to desktop computers. They can be carried out literally everywhere as long as you have an internet connection. The popularity of laptops increased even further as nowadays more and more people are going to coffee shops with their laptops to conduct their work. The laptops have also become very affordable and anyone can buy yourself a laptop.

What to expect from an end of tenancy clean with professional cleaning company

Professional end of the tenancy cleaning is your right choice.

End of tenancy services ensures you clear the recipient to your landlord and confirms that you are leaving the property in a well-maintained condition. Your short hold tenancy agreement will demand from you that the property is in the same situation you are looking at the time of rent.

In short, you are doing your best to get your security deposits back. 

There is a lot of end-of-tenancy cleaning companies that provide you their professional service. But I will suggest you consider a professional end of tenancy cleaning company such as Citi Clean as they are providing their best services. It is the best professional and friendly team which will clean your property and return it to its original condition within a short time.

What does the cleaners from Citi Clean do?

A professional team of the Citi Clean will take over your property. So you are free from the stress of the end of the tenancy. You can leave the property so that we can do cleaning freely and do an effective cleaning, or you can also stay there, if requires. 

Our team will arrive at your address on time with their equipment and tools that help in effective cleaning. 

Citi Clean standard services of tenancy cleaning include:

General cleaning:

In general, we clean your drawers, rails, or curtain rails by properly dusted and polished. Mattresses, curtains, and sofas will be thoroughly cleaned by vacuum cleaning. 

Windows are the central part of the house that needs proper cleaning, and the Citi Clean team has professional tools for cleaning the windows. 

Kitchen: Cleaning of the kitchen includes:

  • Clean all accessories and parts to ensure that there is no dust and dirt
  • Deep cleaning the oven, extractor, and extractor filters
  • Descaling the metalworks and taps also provide polishing if it requires
  • Washing machine cleaning 
  • Dishwasher cleaners along with these filters
  • Deforesting and cleaning of freezers and fridge
  • Bins cleaning


  • Polishing and descaling of tabs and metal works
  • Shower screen made of glass should be cleaned and polished
  • Bathroom walls have tiles, and they need to to be cleaned carefully without damaging
  • Descaling the heads and hobs of the shower and many other things in the bathroom will be descaled and cleaned properly
  • The mirror will be cleaned and become smear-free


  • Sweeping and mopping all the hard floors
  • Cleaning of carpets by hoovering and steaming

The time required for an end of tenancy cleaning?

At Citi Clean, we ensure that each part of your property will be cleaned on time without sacrificing the quality. The cleaning time depends on the size, condition, and the number of your rooms and bathrooms. If you want the exact time idea required for cleaning your property, you can freely contact our customer help services.

What option of services do we have?

Citi Clean end of tenancy cleaning helps you in altering the property for catering with additional sustainable products. It also provides you the steam cleaning on your demand, especially to the curtains and mattresses. 

What does a Handyman London do exactly

The Handyman is the body that does remodeling and renovation, giving essentially any home servicing, installation, and preservation services in your home. You don’t need to set your life on the grip to fix the gate that won’t lock, or repair the leak in your drywall.

Despite the area of your residence in London, repairing it can be an effort. While you may not have the experience or the instruments to finish everything on your to-do list, you don’t have adequate time and experience to do that so a handyman London provides you convenience.

The handyman London accomplishes these tasks:

  • Sanitary facilities normally
  • Normally do maintenance jobs and light replacements
  • Always perform different garden tasks
  • Fill holes and provide painting services
  • Do electricity installation and carpeting
  • Repair machine and various devices and instruments
  • Recognize, document, and report preservation and repair task
  • Recommend additional renovations when recognized and demanded

The electrical services:

Electrical Services include these tasks given below:

  • Replacing lights and tubes
  • Connecting devices and switches
  • Replacing extractor fans
  • hobs, stoves and ovens

The plumbing services:

The Plumbing Services hold the fixing leaks and dripping taps, fixing baths and shower dishes, fitting tubs and toilets, replacing taps, fitting washing devices, and dishwashers, repairing flash mechanism on WCs, unblocking blocked drains, tubs, baths. 

Painting services:

Of all the types of handyman London services that can be demanded, painting inside or outer walls has to be one of the most popular. Overall handyman London services will usually take calls to repaint a home, and usually have the best tools for the project such as paint rollers, drop materials, rope, furniture coverings, and ladders. Some handyman services even practice in painting services because they’re so familiar.

Basement renovation:

Decorating the basement is an excellent way to give the kids some more extra area to play. It also adds an extra total decorated living area to your home. Whether you want help creating an entertainment center or installing new stairs, The Handyman London is the one-call answer to your whole basement renovation project. 

Kitchen repair:

Whether it’s fixing a leaky tap or fitting new furniture, the Handyman London services are provided to handle every primary and secondary project in your kitchen. After all, the pantry is the center of the house. Our reliable and skilled handyman London services will get the job done right and on time for you. 

Washroom repair:

Most homeowners in London can quickly unclog a bathroom with a plunger. Our experienced handyman experts canadditionally set any other toilet difficulties, including flowing toilets, leaking showers, cracked basins and bowls, and toilets that don’t flush correctly.  

Window installing:

The new windows installing and fixing is one of the best things homeowners can do to increase the power efficiency of their homes. Our expert window handymen can fix and repair any type of windows.


The installation of Carpet, lamination, and wood flooring, furnishing on the attic or roof floor requires a specialist, most homeowners employ the job forward to a handyman London. 

It is not accessible for the homeowner to repair or fix each house issue, for some big issues, you always require an expert to do a more satisfying job. If you are searching for Handyman London near you, kindly contact Instafix Handyman. 

Reasons Why People Consider Laptop Computers

Laptops also suit business or school needs because they have easy accessable ports and low power requirements. On the other hand, a desktop computer is much stronger due to its configurability, higher general performance, and ease of repair. You can repair your laptop computer when it has problems but it will require more work regarding its repair and security. One significant difference is that laptops are more expensive than a desktop system.

Common laptop computers’ components include the motherboard, CPU, graphic board, and hard disk drive. These components are all manufactured differently. The laptop is designed to be able to do the same amount of work in less space and using less power. Therefore, you will find that the average laptop is more expensive than a desktop computer because it cost more to manufacture.

Speaking of pricing, there are three major factors that affect the price tag of laptop computers. They are the specifications, the weight, and the size of the screen. The vital specifications like CPU speed and number of cores, amount and speed of RAM and amount of storage space will provide better performance and but cost a higher price. Most lighter and thinner laptop computers also cost higher prices. Laptops with larger screens are gauranteed to cost higher prices.

People with a limited budget will be able to purchase a low-priced variety of laptop called netbooks. Netbooks have become really popular because of their low price and high quality. Netbooks provide the basic needs of word processing and web surfing. However, this low-priced laptop features little memory, runs slow, has little storage, and a small screen.

If your computing choice falls to a laptop computer, you might consider the portable and accessible ports laptop. These are really helpful for students and business people that need a computer when they are on the go. Its a great tool for making presentations or sharing files on the road. The low power and space requirements make the laptop energy efficient and convenient while accomplishing tasks. The more significant benefit is that a ports laptop has complete computing functionality that makes it easier to use. This way you will not need mice, keyboards, or monitors.

Apart from the advantages above, laptop computers have some disadvantages. First, laptops are difficult to repair, upgrade memory, or modify because of their special design. In desktop computers, it is easier to access upgradable componensts like storage drives or RAM. Laptops are difficult to modify or replace the components like CPU, motherboard, or a graphic chip. Therefore, you will need help from a professional technician to replace parts or make improvements to your laptop.

Unlike the desktop computer that allows unlimited possible configurations, laptop computers are limited to being configured to the settings provided by the laptop manufacturer. In some laptop computers, aftermarket software installation is incompatible with laptop hardware. Also, an attempt to install a different operating system that is incompatible with the laptop may cause hardware failures.

Finally, when using a laptop you should consider the safety of your files or data. You may want to consider special features like thumbprint identification locks, increased encryption and remote security features. Most laptop computers are already equipped with these security features to help you protect your data when you are away from home.

What are Refurbished Laptops

About the shopping for of the refurbished laptops usually human beings suppose that it has a terrible great and that is wrong statistics approximately it. That is as a brand new logo computer due to the fact refurbished laptops and computer computer systems re-engineering and re-examined to healthy the identical production requirements as new ones. Refurbished laptops and computer computer systems can shop your cash and supply the great may be similar to a state-of-the-art one that’s why its are properly appropriate and fulfil the wishes of any commercial enterprise company.

There are a variety of businesses that attention their complete commercial enterprise on reselling reconditioned and 2d hand computer computer systems. A fundamental definition of a refurbished computer is mainly a 2d hand laptop that has been repaired, wiped clean and restored to its unique condition. It is critical to buy a reconditioned computer that gives a complete assurance overlaying each element of the laptop. They gather exclusive manufacturers of computer systems in an effort to gift the purchaser the logo they have got a desire a variety of the famous name-logo businesses have additionally at the visit take back or traded-in laptops and renovated them.

Refurbished laptops are may be carried with you anywhere you go, withinside the car, on a aircraft and are outstanding for the usage of in commercial enterprise due to the fact they’re transportable and mild and really small, making them ideal for human beings at the move. They are appropriate for each adults and kids and are outstanding for instructional functions as they may be taken everywhere and utilized in any location wherein there may be a Wi-Fi connection and refurbished laptops are in a timely fashion gaining attractiveness. The assurance covers all possibly damages that may occur, in addition to the substitute offerings for the components.

Do now no longer confuse the phrases reasonably-priced laptops with the phrases terrible great laptop. There is a large difference. Just due to the fact they value much less cash it doesn’t imply that the great is lower. They had been restored and feature the identical specification as the brand new ones. The appealing rate of the refurbished computer computer systems makes them an awesome alternative for any commercial enterprise. Desktop computer systems may be refurbished due to the fact this can now no longer effect at the great of the job, and maximum commercial enterprise computer systems want most effective the vital packages for communique and organization.

By the refurbished laptops as commercial enterprise computer systems will lower their fees however now no longer the distinction of the laptop. Because maximum of the businesses are spend a variety of cash on generation of the computer systems, printers, scanners and lots more.

Basic Components of a Computer


The motherboard or mainboard is the central circuit board of the entire computer. All other boards and computers connect into the motherboard, hence it’s name. I believe the motherboard is the most important piece of hardware in your computer, not that other parts are optional but rather that your motherboard should be high quality and if you’re building you own computer needs to be ready to handle upgrades down the road. This is an advantage of building your own computer, when you buy pre-built from the store you can’t really control the quality of the motherboard, you just hope the manufacture used a quality part. If you’re motherboard is not up to specs then you may go buy an awesome video card so you can start doing some gaming only to find out your motherboard isn’t built to handle gaming or the card you purchased.

Processor (CPU)

The processor or CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brains of the computer. For the most part it is the chip that all processing goes through. The CPU is also a very delicate part of the computer and you should not remove it unless you know what you are doing. Damaging one of the hundreds of pin on the chip can destroy the CPU permanently. The faster your CPU the faster your computer can process data. CPU’s have two important factors, speed or frequency and cores. Frequency is the speed of the CPU think of it as the speed limit of a road the higher it is the fast it can go. Cores can be thought of as lanes of a highway, is a CPU has 4 cores think of it as a 4 lane highway, it can do more things at once. Both of these are important.

Memory (RAM)

RAM or Memory is the component of your computer that temporary stores information that you are working on. When you load a program or open anything on your computer it is stored in the RAM until you close it. RAM can be a quick and affordable upgrade to your computer. More RAM means more space for your computer to run more programs, if your RAM fills up your computer is forced to put information back into the hard drive virtual memory which makes it slower. If your computer has less than 2GB of RAM you should upgrade right away. If you are doing gaming or multi-tasking you should have 4-8GB of RAM and if you are doing high-end gaming or video editing 16GB would probably be helpful.

Hard Drive (Storage)

Hard Drive Storage is where all of your files and folders are stored. When you save something or install something it goes on your hard drive. Most hard drives are magnetic type storage and use disk platters to store the information, this type of storage is affordable and the most common to find in a computer.

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