End of tenancy cleaning services makes sure that your property is in the best condition according to the checklist at the time of inspection. In other cases, the landlord may hold your security deposit until all the premises condition matches the inventory, hence the end of tenancy cleaners London are most important to complete this task efficiently.

Here in this article, we are going to make the checklist from room to room. 


Cleaning the kitchen is the most challenging task, as it is the most used part of the home daily. You will need to have the best tools to clean the kitchen. Do not forget to descale the taps and sinks. Properly remove the limescale from the sink.

Start cleaning from shelves and counters. Clean all areas that are in contact with the food, such as refrigerators. 

Keep in mind that remove all the marks on the shelves, walls, and fridge doors. If there is any difficult stain, then must contact the end of tenancy cleaners London for help. 

Kitchen checklist:

  • Tiles cleaning
  • Handles of windows, doors, and their holders
  • Clear all the bins
  • Mop the floor properly
  • Clean oven, stove, and microwave by proper scrubbing
  • Remove all the dirt, dust, and cupboards
  • Descale all the metal accessories like sink, tabs


Bedrooms must be clean and dirt free. Start cleaning from the top and clear all the appliances. Thoroughly clean all the premises and make sure that everything is placed in order.


  • Clean cobwebs and dirt
  • Dust all the bedroom furniture 
  • Clean all the doors and handles of doors, windows, and light fixtures

Hallway and staircase

It is the first area when you enter the property—Remove all the dust and dirt from the hallways and staircase. Ensure that there is no cobweb on the roofs. Use vacuum cleaning on floors and mop hard floors. Make sure that it is the last area which you have to clean. 


  • Remove cobwebs and dust properly
  • Vacuum clean the floor
  • Clean all the light fixture and replace any damaged bulbs
  • Handles of doors, windows must be clean
  • The hard wooden floor must be mop properly


The bathroom is an important part at the time of inspection for end of tenancy cleaning. Bathroom cleaning is essential to clean and must bleach inside and out of the toilet. It is necessary to clean all the materials and unclog all the taps, showerheads, and sinks.

Properly wipe all the glass surfaces, mirrors, and soap holders. 


  • Disinfect toilets and wash 
  • Descale all the taps, sink, and showerhead
  • Fittings and tabs of lights must be cleaned
  • Polish and wash the floors and glass screens
  • Clean all the windows and doors


Loung is the central part of the house and has a major portion of the furniture. All the curtains, furniture, and windows must be cleaned by vacuum or steam cleaning. The inspection team has the main focus on the living room, as it is the most usable portion of the property.


  • All the cobwebs must be clear and clean the roofs properly
  • Clean windows doors and their handles
  • Clean all the cupboards, furniture, mirror, and all other appliances
  • Clean all the floors
  • Clean all the electronic appliances like TV, heater and DVD player

As you can see this is an extensive cleaning checklist which needs to be performed by professionals so that you can get your deposit back. End of Tenancy Cleaners London is one of the best solutions for your cleaning needs when it comes down to an end of tenancy cleaning. We would advise you to hire professionals instead of doing the work yourself.